On Saturday, “Infowars” host Alex Jones held an emergency broadcast from Austin, Texas, warning that federal authorities might soon shut down his show.

Jones stated, “This is going to be Infowars’ last show, because I learned yesterday that they were going to padlock the door and kick us out last night.” He emphasized, “We’re going to beat these people. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but it’s been a hard fight.”

He concluded, “I’ve been targeted for abuse. I was duped by someone. Federal files in secret have claimed that I’m committing crimes. This was untrue, of course.”

On Sunday, Jones posted a video explaining his exhaustion after sleeping on a couch for two days. He detailed, “I learned Friday afternoon that they were calling in more guards. Then I made phone calls and found out that Patrick Magill, the chief reorganization officer appointed by the federal court in bankruptcy, was giving orders to send in more guards at night to change the locks. I called different lawyers who learned it was just until Monday when there was a court hearing. But the judge never said shut the place down. The judge said he is going to continue to leave the bankruptcy open until at least the 14th of June.”