If you’ve ever watched “The Boys” on Amazon Prime, you know the superheroes in the main cast are more like super-zeroes. They’re exceedingly violent, greedy, and power-hungry, designed to satirically flip the superhero archetype on its head. This unique concept developed a significant fan base.

Since its debut, ‘The Boys’ has consistently been one of the streaming platform’s highest-rated and best-performing shows. However, with the release of the fourth season, the show’s popularity is waning dramatically. Could it be because the series is drowning in wokeness?

While the show was always woke, it was previously tolerable due to the complexity of the characters, strong acting, and engaging dialogue. The writers weren’t afraid to take shots at their own side.

That changed with season 4. Homelander, played by Anthony Starr, was once a complex character but has now been reduced to a “parody of superhero, fascist Donald Trump.” His followers, dubbed “home teamers” (a play on Trumpers?), are depicted as “evil, racist, fascist, sexist, conspiracy theorists.”

The first three episodes of season 4 paint Homelander’s supporters as “Alex Jones-watching, Jew-hating, literal loser conspiracy theorists” eager to attack fellow Americans. Meanwhile, Starlight, a character who once had personality, has become a puppet for Democrats or feminists, portrayed as the epitome of good fighting against the bad guy.

Starlight’s followers, the “starlighters,” represent “the good guys” as anti-racism, anti-corporate corruption, and pro-feminism. In conflicts, the starlighters are non-violent “angels,” while Homelander’s supporters are “violent” and “evil.” The message is clear: Red=bad, blue=good.

If you don’t believe it, look at the IMDB audience scores. Season one scored 90%, season two 83%, season three 75%, and now season four sits at an abysmal 52%. Perhaps viewers are tired of progressive agendas overshadowing good, old-fashioned entertainment.