In November, Arizona voters will decide on the “Secure the Border Act,” a measure that would classify illegal immigration as a state crime, allowing law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants entering the state. This comes after the Republican-led legislature passed a resolution to include the measure on the general election ballot, similar to laws in Texas and Oklahoma.

Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma emphasized the dangers of open borders, citing crime and financial burdens, and criticized Democrat leaders for opposing the measure. The resolution passed narrowly, with Republicans supporting and Democrats opposing.

The initiative, which aims to mobilize voters concerned with illegal immigration, could impact President Joe Biden’s support in the swing state. The resolution would allow law enforcement to arrest those crossing illegally, criminalize presenting false documents for public benefits, and increase penalties for those selling fentanyl leading to deaths. It also aims to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits.

The ballot initiative offers a way to bypass Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, who vetoed a similar bill, arguing it would lead to racial profiling. Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake expressed support for the legislature’s efforts to implement these security measures despite the veto.

Record levels of illegal immigration have occurred under Biden’s administration, including in Arizona, while former President Donald Trump continues to emphasize border security in his 2024 campaign.