In the middle of the night in a Walmart parking lot in Auburn, Washington, armed individuals approached a 53-year-old woman sitting in her car and demanded her property, KCPQ-TV reported. The woman, also armed, shot at the suspects.

The suspects fired back, wounding the woman. Police arrived around 3:30 a.m. and treated her at the scene; she is expected to recover. Using a K-9, police tracked and arrested the suspects, aged 19 and 21.

Reactions to the incident include:

  • “This is exactly why I carry ALL the time now,” said one commenter.
  • “I hate that you can’t go anywhere without having fear,” another wrote.
  • “While she was still shot, she at least had the chance to defend herself,” another observed.
  • “Very little good happens at 0330, especially in a Wallyworld parking lot,” quipped another user.
  • “Always carry,” another declared. “The law states if a gun is pulled on you, you can use the same force — and remember shoot once, and shoot to kill.”
  • “Auburn is pretty rough these days!” another exclaimed.