The Biden administration canceled over 350,000 asylum cases, allowing migrants to stay in the United States indefinitely. Experts have labeled this move as “mass amnesty.”

According to an investigation by the New York Post, since 2022, the administration has closed these cases for migrants deemed not to be a threat. These cases were “terminated without a decision on the merits of their asylum claim,” meaning that the migrants neither received nor were denied asylum in the United States.

Those with terminated cases can remain in the United States indefinitely despite not being granted asylum. They also do not have to check in with authorities and are no longer in the legal system. A 2022 memo from Kerry Doyle, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Principal Legal Advisor, instructed prosecutors to allow the cases to be dismissed.

“This is just a massive amnesty under the guise of prosecutorial discretion,” explained Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge and current Resident Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. “You’re basically allowing people who don’t have a right to be in the United States to be here indefinitely.”

The report found that 77 percent of asylum applicants have been allowed to stay in the country under Biden. Meanwhile, the asylum backlog has grown to more than 3.5 million cases.

Those with terminated cases can reapply for asylum later or seek other pathways to citizenship, such as mass amnesty, which some Democrats have urged Biden to support.

This revelation comes amid an unprecedented crisis at both the southern and northern borders. Authorities have recorded over 9.5 million nationwide encounters and 1.7 million estimated illegal immigrant gotaways under the Biden administration.

The foreign-born population in the U.S. has reached a record high of 51.6 million people, driven largely by mass illegal immigration.

Biden appears to be struggling among voters on this crucial election issue. One poll found that only 20 percent of voters believe the U.S. has control over its borders. Another poll showed that Americans trust former President Donald Trump more than Biden to handle immigration.