President Joe Biden highlighted the protection of “transgender children” from discrimination in his White House LGBTQI+ proclamation. He emphasized his administration’s commitment to advancing equality for the LGBTQI+ community, making it a top priority.

Biden praised the administration’s efforts, including combating “conversion therapy” and implementing a national strategy to end the HIV epidemic. However, he acknowledged ongoing challenges and mentioned the previous year’s Pride Month celebration, which included a controversial topless display by a transgender activist.

The president also addressed gun violence, recounting his meetings with survivors of the Club Q and Pulse shootings and urging Congress to ban assault weapons. He did not mention the victims of the Nashville school shooting by a transgender woman.

Focusing on children, Biden condemned state laws targeting transgender youth and their families, stating these laws attack fundamental American values like personal freedom and the right to make medical decisions. He referred to bills aimed at preventing gender surgeries and the use of hormone therapy and puberty blockers.

Biden assured the LGBTQI+ community, especially transgender children, of his administration’s support. He also criticized the removal of sexually explicit books from school libraries, suggesting that such bans could violate federal civil rights laws.

Biden’s proclamation continues his administration’s efforts to normalize gender dysphoria, particularly for children. Last year, Admiral Rachel Levine, his transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, declared the summer a “summer of pride” and affirmed the necessity of gender-affirming care for trans youth.