Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel News, faces threats of jail time from the authoritarian Canadian government. Levant and his team have been outspoken against Canada’s free speech restrictions, making them government targets.

Glenn Beck reported that Levant is now battling a censorship bill passed last year, potentially facing prison for supposed “hate speech.”

Levant described a pro-Hamas encampment in Toronto, where anti-Semitic crimes have surged. Rebel News showcased these events on a jumbo-tron truck, leading the police chief to accuse them of a hate crime.

Levant recounted, “The police chief announced an investigation on Twitter, labeling it an Islamophobic hate crime.” If convicted, Levant faces a two-year prison sentence under Canadian law.

Defiantly, Levant drove the truck to the police chief’s headquarters, but the chief refused to meet him. Despite the threat, Rebel News continues displaying the images, standing firm against intimidation.