Democrats in the California State legislature face criticism for proposing a bill that could allow illegal immigrants to secure taxpayer-funded state jobs. The assembly bill directs the University of California (UC) system to hire undocumented immigrants for these positions. Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio heavily criticized the lawmakers, Fox News reported Tuesday.

According to the California Globe, California has 44,000 undocumented college students, with about 4,000 enrolled in UC’s system, the outlet reported Wednesday.

DeMaio told Fox News Digital:

“I have seen a lot of outrageous proposals from California Democrat politicians, bending over backwards to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get in and to get taxpayer benefits. But this one absolutely tops the list of insane ideas.”

If passed, Assembly Bill 2586 would allow illegal immigrants without U.S. work authorization to apply for and obtain jobs at taxpayer-funded universities managed by the state. DeMaio stated this effort violates federal law and labeled the proposal “insane.”

“Employers are prohibited by the federal government from offering, knowingly offering, jobs to people who are ineligible for employment in this country,” DeMaio said in a video posted on May 30.

During his interview with Fox News, DeMaio argued that Democrats are worsening the border crisis and openly violating federal employment laws.

An article posted on Reform California’s website stated:

Given the serious legal risk created by the proposed law, the University of California has come out in opposition to AB 2586. The UC attorneys say the bill “does not protect our undocumented students or employees from prosecution” or protect the universities from federal consequences.

Breitbart News reported in June 2023 that the California State Senate passed a bill to provide unemployed illegal immigrants with $300 weekly unemployment checks for nearly 20 weeks.

In 2015, the California Department of Motor Vehicles gave driver’s licenses to over half a million illegal immigrants, marking the first year illegal immigrants were eligible for driving certification in the state.