A transgender runner, Veronica Garcia, has expressed frustration over the “unsportsmanlike” comments made by female competitors after winning a high school 400-meter girls’ title in Washington State.

Garcia won the title with a time of 55.75 seconds, a full second faster than the closest second-place competitor, according to Fox News. Since taking the title from his female competitors, Garcia has faced unkind remarks from the girls he raced against.

In a video, Garcia is seen quickly pulling away from the girls, leaving them far behind. “I expected sportsmanship because I was cheering them on when they were called. I guess I expected that to be reciprocated. But it wasn’t,” Garcia complained to the Spokesman-Review.

Garcia also noted that the applause and cheers diminished when he took the podium to receive his medal, and someone in the crowd shouted, “He’s not a girl.” Garcia responded, “I’m just a teenager. I wish people would remember that.”

Critics label Garcia a cheater for competing as a male against females, but the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) allows boys who “identify” as girls to compete in girls’ categories. The WIAA’s policy states, “The WIAA encourages participation for all students regardless of their gender identity or expression.” This policy aims to provide transgender and gender-diverse student-athletes with equal opportunities in athletics.

However, the state does not require proof of transitioning, hormone levels, or doctor’s notes for transgender athletes. In April, five West Virginia girls on a school track and field team protested against competing against a male by refusing to compete. The school district retaliated by banning them from school sports, but a court later reversed the ban.