The Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against Dr. Eithan Haim, a surgeon who exposed Texas Children’s Hospital for allegedly conducting gender-affirming care on minors. Accused of HIPAA violations, Haim faces four felony charges but vows to fight, claiming DOJ corruption.

Haim leaked documents to journalist Christopher Rufo in May 2023, revealing the hospital continued operating its child gender clinic against state law. Rufo confirmed the documents did not include patient information.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had previously stated that gender-affirming care for children could be considered child abuse under state law. Despite this, Haim alleges the hospital continued these procedures, including implanting a hormone device in an 11-year-old girl.

Following the story by Rufo, the Texas legislature passed a law banning transgender medical interventions on minors. Haim’s court appearance is set for June 10. Texas Children’s Hospital and the DOJ did not respond to requests for comment.