Sam Brinton, a former Department of Energy official, received a plea deal, avoiding jail time after pleading guilty to petit larceny for stealing a Tanzanian designer’s luggage. Brinton will undergo mental health treatment, write an apology letter, and complete 50 hours of community service.

Prosecutors quietly announced the deal last week in Arlington General District Court, near Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, where Brinton stole the luggage six years ago. Initially charged with felony grand larceny, Brinton’s charges were reduced to misdemeanor petit larceny.

This is Brinton’s third escape from jail time for similar offenses. The case remains open, with a follow-up hearing set for June 2025. In a related civil case, Brinton reached a settlement with Asya Khamsin, the designer, agreeing to pay an undisclosed amount and write an apology letter. Khamsin has forgiven Brinton and decided not to publish the apology.

The theft occurred in March 2018, with Brinton later seen wearing Khamsin’s designs at public events. Police seized the stolen clothes from Brinton’s home in May 2023, leading to formal charges. Brinton also faced charges in Minnesota and Nevada for similar thefts but avoided jail through diversion programs and suspended sentences.

Brinton, who departed the DOE in late 2022, led the agency’s Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition.