Former Lt. Col. Matt Lohmeier is calling for leadership changes after being fired for criticizing the “Marxist” DEI complex, which he believes is being accelerated under the Biden administration.

Lohmeier, who served over a decade in the military and joined the U.S. Space Force in 2020, specialized in missile warning systems. In May 2021, he was dismissed for publicly opposing DEI training, which he argued was dividing troops and decreasing morale, thus affecting military readiness. Lohmeier claims the DEI industry is steeped in critical race theory and Marxist ideology.

Losing his pension was a “gut punch,” making him feel betrayed after dedicating his life to serving the country. He believes senior leaders ousted him because his views were unwelcome, despite their professed commitment to inclusivity and diversity, but not diversity of thought.

Ex-Space Force Officer Loses Pension for Speaking Out Against DEI
Matt Lohmeier has been a part of the Space Force for over a decade, before being fired last 2021.

Lohmeier insists he didn’t violate policy, targeting anti-Americanism rather than politics. He was publicly critical of critical race theory, which he saw as divisive. Now, Lohmeier aims to expose what he calls the “Marxist” military complex from the outside.

A study by the Arizona State University Center for American Institutions found the Pentagon’s DEI programs encourage reporting private conversations dissenting DEI views, with escalating costs from $68 million in 2022 to a proposed $114.7 million for 2024. The report suggests abolishing the DEI agenda in favor of merit-based selections and American values curricula.

Lohmeier advocates for eliminating DEI training and critical race theory from the military and service academies. The Space Force did not respond to a request for comment.