A Florida Jewish family’s game night turned frightening when a neighbor, Majd Odeh, banged on their door over a parking dispute, identified the husband as Jewish, and threatened to shoot him. Doorbell video and court records obtained by The Daily Wire captured the incident.

The confrontation began when Odeh complained about guests parked on the street. The video shows Odeh shouting anti-Semitic slurs at Mark Footerman and threatening to return with an AR-15 rifle. “F*** you, f******* dumba** Jew, bro. Fix your sh**,” Odeh yelled on May 14. “I’m gonna come back here with my f****** AR, bro.”

Footerman’s wife, guests, and newborn child were in the house in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Footerman threatened to call the police and repeatedly told Odeh to leave.

In the video, Odeh referenced a previous encounter involving his brother, Noor Odeh, who had harassed the Footerman family last year, calling them Nazis and waving a Palestinian flag.

On December 6, Noor Odeh shouted anti-Semitic insults at the Footermans and threatened them. Shortly after, anti-Semitic graffiti appeared on the sidewalk outside their home. Footerman, a U.S. Army veteran, reported the incident to the Pasco County Sheriff and the FBI.

A temporary restraining order against Noor Odeh was granted after Footerman provided video evidence of Noor near the property as the graffiti appeared. However, initial requests for restraining orders were denied by a county judge, with a hearing set for June 14.

Lawyer Mustafa Ameen, representing the Odeh brothers, dismissed the incidents as mutual derogatory comments between neighbors. Ameen claimed Footerman made threats as well, but provided no specifics. He denied that Noor was responsible for the graffiti.

Footerman refuted any claims of making threats and emphasized that his actions complied with HOA guidelines. The HOA initially asked the Footermans to remove a Hanukkah flag, but later allowed it. They also tried to remove the graffiti before painting over it.

The FBI is investigating the graffiti incident but has not commented.