A Broward County school district employee, Jessica Norton, faces termination for allegedly allowing her transgender son to play on the girls’ volleyball team at Monarch High School. In November, Norton and other staff were reassigned after then-Superintendent Peter Licata discovered the situation. Norton, who refers to her son as her “daughter,” claims his name and gender were legally changed, as permitted under Florida law with parental consent.

However, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, signed into law in 2021, forbids biological males from participating in female sports teams. Norton allegedly violated this law by allowing her son to play and listing his gender as female on school records.

Initially, a professional standards committee recommended a 10-day suspension, but Licata and current Superintendent Howard Hepburn pushed for her termination. The school board was set to consider her termination but postponed the decision without explanation.

At a recent meeting, Norton defended her actions, emphasizing her dedication to the school community and her son’s well-being. She claimed her son thrived at Monarch High until being “outed” last fall, which led to emotional distress. Norton’s termination will be reconsidered next month, and her son now attends virtual school.