Authorities have accused Rex Heuermann, 60, of two more murders linked to the Gilgo Beach case. On Thursday, prosecutors charged him with the murders of Sandra Costilla (1993) and Jessica Taylor (2003) after finding incriminating “planning documents” on a hard drive at his home, according to the New York Post.

Investigators connected Heuermann to the murders through DNA evidence, including hair found on the victims’ remains. The chilling documents, discovered in his Massapequa Park home’s basement, outlined plans for his crimes, detailing potential dump sites and methods to avoid detection. These files, labeled with titles like “PROBLEMS” and “BODY PREP,” revealed his meticulous and sinister preparations.

Heuermann even wrote about needing more sleep for “more play time,” a euphemism for torturing and killing his victims.

Heuermann was arrested in July after a decade-long investigation by Long Island authorities and a DNA from a pizza crust discarded in Manhattan helped identify him.

Heuermann has pleaded not guilty to the deaths of four women he solicited for sex, ABC News reported. During the home search, authorities found weapons and electronics allegedly used to contact sex workers, further implicating him in the crimes.