Conservative media organization PragerU was removed from the Google Play store on Friday after releasing its documentary “Dear Infidels: A Warning to America.” Google initially cited a violation of its “hate speech policy,” noting that the app contained content deeming a protected group as “inhuman, inferior, or worthy of being hated,” according to The Jerusalem Post report.

However, hours later, Google reinstated the app, stating the suspension was a mistake. A Google spokesperson confirmed to The Washington Examiner that the removal was in error. PragerU acknowledged the reversal on X, crediting public support for the swift correction.

Google’s Error Sparks Outrage Over PragerU Removal
According to Google, PragerU was initially removed due to a violation of its hate speech policy

PragerU’s documentary features firsthand accounts from those who escaped Islamic rule, warning about the threat of radical Islam to American freedom. The organization, founded by Dennis Prager, has previously clashed with Google and YouTube, suing them for restricting over 200 videos, including content on the Ten Commandments. PragerU lost its 2017 First Amendment lawsuit against Google, alleging bias towards left-wing channels.