Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman stated that skepticism about children’s vaccinations, especially the hepatitis B vaccine, is “appropriate and prudent.”

Ackman shared his personal story on X, describing how his fourth daughter received the hepatitis B vaccine at birth without a choice. He noted that his older daughters did not receive the vaccine at birth. Ackman has been seeking an independent investigation into vaccine protocols but has yet to find a credible group to conduct it.

He highlighted concerns about the mandatory nature of the vaccine in public schools and questioned the extensive 72-shot regimen recommended for children. Ackman emphasized the importance of parents ensuring vaccines do not harm their children, who cannot provide informed consent. He urged a thorough review of vaccine protocols and their cumulative effects.

Ackman’s remarks responded to attorney Aaron Siri’s claim that the Department of Health and Human Services found no records of hepatitis B transmission in U.S. schools, as noted in a 2020 FOIA request response.

The CDC reports that most chronic hepatitis B cases in 2022 were among the Asian and Pacific Islander population, with an estimated 640,000 adults affected.