Federal immigration agents and NYPD officers teamed up Thursday at a Bronx apartment building overrun by migrant squatters after a Venezuelan migrant allegedly shot and killed two tenants.

The Fordham Heights building, a former shelter, has been plagued by tension between long-term tenants and migrantswho took over parts of the building. This tension culminated in a fatal shooting on May 24. Police are searching for Josue Ruben Silva, a 21-year-old Venezuelan migrant with a criminal record who entered the U.S. illegally last year.

Residents expressed fear and frustration, highlighting safety concerns due to the presence of guns and unauthorized occupants in the building. The migrants reportedly occupied units after the original tenants left and remained despite a prior raid by ICE in March.

ICE and NYPD Hunt Migrant Killer in NYC Apartment Overrun by Squatters
Authorities are searching for 21-year-old Josue Ruben Silva, suspected of committing a double homicide outside a Bronx building, following a conflict between tenants and a group of disruptive migrant squatters.

The shooting incident occurred when tenant Claretha Daniels, 44, confronted a migrant over a disrespectful comment. A fight ensued, and Silva allegedly pulled a gun, killing Daniels and her boyfriend, Justin Lawless, and injuring a third resident, Everett Slade.

Silva, who used a false identity to cross the border, remains at large. He has been arrested multiple times this year for robbery and theft and is part of a migrant moped gang causing trouble in the city. The use of mopeds for crimes has surged, with 790 cases reported so far this year, up from 156 in 2022.

A memorial outside the building honors the victims, with residents expressing sorrow and anger over the tragedy.