An illegal alien who evaded Border Patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border stands accused of raping a child in Massachusetts, a sanctuary state.

Yader Alexander Morales-Quevedo, 24, from Guatemala, crossed the border undetected as one of millions of “got-aways” lacking federal documentation. In August 2022, he faced child rape charges in New Bedford District Court, later moved to Bristol County Superior Court.

In January 2023, Morales-Quevedo was arraigned in Bristol County Superior Court on charges of child rape and posing or exhibiting a child in a state of nudity or sexual conduct. On May 28, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested him. ICE officials confirmed he will remain in custody pending the outcome of the charges.

“Yader Alexander Morales-Quevedo will have his day in court, but he is facing some very serious charges,” stated ICE official Todd Lyons. “He posed a significant threat to the children in our Massachusetts communities.”

Since President Joe Biden’s term began in early 2021, nearly two million illegal alien got-aways have crossed the southern border.