Texas state authorities arrested an illegal immigrant murder suspect living in Colony Ridge, a land development north of Houston known for attracting illegal immigrants through questionable financial and marketing practices.

On June 7, the Splendora Police Department announced the arrest of Juan Jose Valero Cruz on Facebook. Cruz, wanted for murder in Mexico, is the second murder suspect from Colony Ridge apprehended in two weeks. The Splendora Police Department’s Criminal Interdiction Unit, in coordination with federal law enforcement, captured Cruz, who had been illegally residing in Texas and traveled between the city and Colony Ridge, also known as Terrenos.

Cruz, facing deportation for the third time, was taken into custody to face murder charges in Mexico. His arrest follows the recent arrest of Leo Acosta Sanchez, another illegal immigrant murder suspect from Colony Ridge. Sanchez entered the U.S. in August 2023 from Mexico and was also wanted by international police.

Colony Ridge faced increased scrutiny after a teen was allegedly abducted at gunpoint inside the development and shot at while fleeing. Following this incident, Texas increased law enforcement presence in the area to combat rising violence.

The development, led by John and Trey Harris, markets to illegal immigrants, encouraging them to “own land in the United States” and accepting foreign passports for loans. Colony Ridge, projected to house 45,000 to 75,000 residents, has been under investigation and faces lawsuits from the Department of Justice, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who claims “every sale” may have violated consumer protection laws.

The arrests come amid a national border crisis, with over 9.5 million nationwide encounters and 1.7 million estimated illegal immigrant gotaways during Biden’s term. The small town of Splendora, with fewer than 2,000 residents, is significantly impacted by Colony Ridge’s growth.