Three people in Evansville, Indiana, were arrested after a three-month-old baby was discovered with twelve fractures and THC in its system, 44 News reported Friday.

Keegan Nunnally, Heather Meyer, and Jesse Meyer were charged with neglect and booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail on $750 bonds.

The investigation began when Marc and Heather Meyer took the baby to a hospital due to a visible chest injury. Medical staff discovered twelve fractures, including to both femurs, and THC in the baby’s system.

Following these findings, the police department’s Juvenile Investigations Unit and the Department of Child Services intervened.

Authorities suspect Keegan, the child’s father, caused the injuries. Heather and Jesse Meyer, along with Keegan, were arrested, while the infant’s juvenile mother, who lives in the same home, has not been charged.