Comedian Jon Stewart voiced the frustration of many Americans across the political spectrum regarding corporate pandering during Pride Month.

On Monday’s episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Stewart criticized corporate virtue signaling as a cynical marketing ploy. He remarked, “Pride Month is that time of year when corporations financially exploit the decades-long struggle of gay people for acceptance and equality,” humorously adding, “‘Hey, remember when you were fired from that bank job after you were outed? Well, Burger King does, with a burger that has two bottom buns!’”

Stewart pointed out that Burger King actually promoted a Pride-themed burger featuring two bottom buns or two top buns. He continued, “Scarred by conversion therapy? Skittles is releasing a colorless version of Skittles! Apparently, not wanting to confuse gay people with competing rainbows.”

He also mocked Oreos for its commercial featuring a lesbian couple winning over a conservative dad and Target for its Pride apparel line, exclaiming, “What the fuck?”

Stewart concluded by comparing corporations to the protagonist of American Psycho, saying, “Let’s stop pretending that a corporation can even be woke, or unwoke, or patriotic, or unpatriotic. Let’s just let corporations live their truth — as the profit-seeking, Patrick Bateman psychopaths they are.”

This year’s Pride Month began with controversy. As Breitbart News reported, anti-Israel protesters blocked an LGBTQ pride parade in Philadelphia, clashing with parade participants and chanting, “No pride in genocide.”