Kathy Griffin estimates her infamous photo shoot holding a fake bloody head resembling former President Donald Trump cost her a third of her fan base.

Griffin, whose career imploded in 2017 after she posed for the shot, detailed the repercussions during her recent appearance on Dan Le Batard’s podcast “South Beach Sessions.”

The Hill reports Griffin permanently lost a large part of her audience, describing it as self-inflicted damage. “One thing that breaks my heart is why I would say I’ve lost, probably permanently, about a third of my audience because of the Trump thing,” she said on the podcast.

Griffin believes she has gained a more political and liberal audience but regrets losing Southern fans who enjoyed her Hollywood and celebrity satire. She previously discussed the impact of her decision professionally and personally.

In November 2023, Breitbart News reported Griffin’s unique coping mechanisms for her Trump-induced PTSD, such as meowing like a cat and mooing like a cow during yoga. She told Vulture she practices “cat-cow” poses in yoga, making animal noises despite feeling foolish.

“It’s when I get on all fours like a kitty cat and then I arch my back and am instructed by my teacher to say the word meow. I feel like a fucking fool, but I do it,” she said. “And then I un-arch my back and — wait for it — I ‘moo’ like a cow,” she added. “PTSD is a bitch, and when I get PTSD attacks, I can’t stop vomiting. So if I have to meow like a kitty cat and moo like a cow, I’m gonna fucking do it.”