Liberal social media channels are celebrating former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict on Thursday, highlighting figures like Stormy Daniels, Hillary Clinton, and the all-black, all-female appeals court.

Occupy Democrats, with its ten million followers, is reveling in what they describe as a two-tiered justice system. Over 43,000 Facebook users reacted to a meme of Hillary Clinton with the caption, “Lock who up???”

Another post shows Clinton, Obama, and Biden gossiping about the New York jury’s decision to convict Trump of 34 felonies related to his business records.

A meme features Biden presenting Daniels with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her testimony, which comedian Bill Maher criticized as faulty, comparing it to a previous interview with her.

Occupy Democrats posts frequently credit Daniels for the verdict, instructing followers to “thank” her for holding Trump accountable.

The Other 98%, another liberal Facebook page with over 7.1 million followers, suggests that New York’s all-black, all-female appellate court will be biased against Trump, which some commenters found offensive due to racial and sexist implications.

One commenter expressed concern that the judges’ identities should not influence the fairness of Trump’s hearing, emphasizing respect for the rule of law.

A viral post from The Other 98% thanking Daniels garnered over 157,000 likes in less than a day.

Feminist News, with nearly two million followers, also celebrated Clinton basking in the “karma” of Trump’s conviction. The page promotes the narrative that Trump cannot win an appeal with black women judges.

As leftist pages celebrate, the Republican Party’s online platform is overwhelmed by donations supporting Trump following the verdict.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump stated that “the people” will deliver the “real verdict” on election day, asserting that they understand what transpired here.