Mexican immigration agents at Mexico City International Airport accepted a bribe to allow a Hungarian woman, flagged by U.S. authorities, to enter the country. The incident highlights ongoing corruption within Mexican immigration.

The Hungarian woman approached an immigration booth, where an initial scan of her passport showed a possible alert. Agents then took her to an office for a biometric scan, which revealed an immigration alert filed by the U.S. government from New York. Despite protocol requiring Mexican authorities to notify the U.S. and either detain or deny entry, the agents instead questioned the woman further.

During the interview, the woman disclosed she had $2,000 in cash and another $2,500 on a cash card. The agents took the money and allowed her to enter Mexico, escorting her out without entering her information into the system as required for international travelers.

This incident adds to the long list of corruption allegations against Mexican immigration authorities. INM Commissioner Francisco Garduno is facing federal criminal charges related to corrupt practices, including a deadly fire in Ciudad Juarez in 2023 that killed 40 migrants.