Tennis legend Martina Navratilova slammed a male reporter who labeled her “transphobic” for her stance against the inclusion of biological males in female sports. The controversy started when writer Mitchell Northam reported on vandalism of the “Take Back Title IX” tour bus in Chapel Hill.

Writer Ben Rothenberg then criticized Navratilova, accusing her of turning her opposition into an “anti-trans crusade” and spreading “transphobic vitriol.” Navratilova responded by calling out Rothenberg for telling women what to care about.

Rothenberg replied by denying her claims and accusing her of cyberbullying. Navratilova fired back, blocking him and expressing hope to see him at Wimbledon. Rothenberg continued to criticize those who oppose transgender athletes in sports.

In 2019, Navratilova was removed from Athlete Ally’s advisory board for her “transphobic” comments after she called the inclusion of transgender females in women’s sports “insane and cheating.”