“Dr. Who,” a beloved series for six decades, faces record low ratings on Disney Plus.

“Not only is the show failing, but it’s doing so spectacularly,” says Lauren Chen of “Pseudo-Intellectual.” She notes the show’s steady decline.

Fewer viewers have tuned in since the season’s first episode.

Problems began with the new portrayal of Dr. Who as a crossdressing black man.

“They prioritized appealing to black and queer audiences, neglecting traditional fans,” Chen states.

“Sometimes they did the opposite, discouraging fans unhappy with progressive themes,” she adds.

The main actor addressed critics in an April 2024 interview with Variety, saying, “Don’t watch. Turn off the TV. Go touch grass, please, for God’s sake.”

A drag queen villain in the show echoed this sentiment.

“I know some might skip this season due to its queer direction. However, those who watch will see we’re just actors. If they don’t watch, who needs ‘em? For every fan lost to transphobia, we’ll gain two or three excited for trans representation,” said Jinkx Monsoon.

“How is that prediction working out for you?” Chen laughs.