Police have arrested and charged a suspect with attempted murder following a brutal assault on an older, smaller deli worker in New York City earlier this month. The incident, captured on surveillance video, shows the attacker relentlessly punching the victim 11 times and kicking his face and head 13 times, even after the victim lay motionless on the floor. The deeply disturbing clip, available for viewing at the Queens deli here, highlights the savagery of the attack.

The suspect, identified as heavily tattooed with skulls, a heart, and the word ‘KILLER,’ has a criminal record with 25 prior arrests, mostly for robbery, according to police reports. After the third kick, the victim appeared unconscious, suggesting the final 10 kicks to his progressively bloody face occurred while he was defenseless.

The victim’s son reported to WABC-TV that his father remains in critical condition at Elmhurst Hospital, suffering from internal brain bleeding and a fractured face. He mentioned, “There’s a part of his bones detached from a very important part of his face.”

The assault took place on June 17 around 11:20 p.m. at the shop on 64th Street and Broadway in Woodside. It began when the victim confronted the attacker after being bumped into. Local residents recognized the suspect from the video, noting his distinctive green hair.

“Once you mentioned the green hair, I knew I saw him. Everybody crosses the street when they see him. He’s weird,” said one resident. Another added that the suspect often talks to himself and is seen mostly at night.

The victim’s son described his father as a “genuinely nice guy,” noting his old-fashioned habit of talking to random strangers and helping out those in need.

Police apprehended 29-year-old Osvel Diaz of Forest Hills after a standoff. Diaz attempted to evade arrest by shaving his green hair. According to amNY, the victim’s condition has slightly improved since the assault at Sunnyside Mini Market.

Detectives, along with the NYPD Warrant Squad, tracked Diaz to his home on 62nd Drive, where he resisted arrest and briefly barricaded himself inside with a three-week-old baby. Police managed to take him into custody and rescue the unharmed baby. Diaz was then escorted out of the 108th Precinct in Long Island City, ignoring journalists’ questions as he was transported to Queens Criminal Court for arraignment.

Diaz faces charges of attempted murder, assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. Police confirmed his extensive criminal history, including a recent assault on a UPS driver in broad daylight, where he shattered the driver’s side window with a metal canister and struck the driver. Diaz had previously pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was required to complete an anger management course, as reported by the New York Post.