A man in Queens has turned life into a nightmare for residents of his Astoria building, reported the New York Post. Alexandre Lais runs nude through hallways, screams through a megaphone, and smashes walls with a hammer, causing multiple tenants to break their leases and leave. Despite efforts to evict him, Lais remains in the building, leaving residents terrified.

NYC Residents Terrorized by Nude Hammer-Wielding Neighbor
Residents report that Lais damages his own apartment door with a hammer.

An anonymous resident expressed their fear, stating, “We’re all terrified. My children have nightmares about this guy.” They revealed their children sleep under their beds out of fear.

Broadway Crescent Realty has attempted to evict Lais since June 2023, but a judge dismissed the case. The owner revived the case in December 2023. Lais’s behavior has prompted a SWAT team response and involved threats to burn down the building. His LinkedIn profile indicates he is a senior software engineer for a Manhattan firm.

NYC Residents Terrorized by Nude Hammer-Wielding Neighbor
Neighbors report that Lais strolls through the halls completely naked.

This building has faced previous issues, including an attempted kidnapping in March 2024, when a mother thwarted a stalker’s attempt to abduct her teenage daughter, as reported by the New York Post.