New York City, already facing a potential $10 billion expense due to the migrant crisis, has agreed to pay $350,000 to Dylan Miles, a man identifying as a Muslim transgender woman, who was housed in a men’s facility at Rikers Island from June to July 2022.

Miles, was placed in a men’s unit before transferring to an Arizona jail. He faced multiple charges, including two felony counts of aggravated harassment and several misdemeanors, resulting in a 312-day sentence, Reduxx reported.

A lawsuit filed in May accused a NYC yoga studio of violating Miles’ civil rights due to his gender identity and non-conformance to traditional gender roles.

Miles’ subsequent lawsuit against NYC claimed that Rikers officials ignored a judge’s order to place him in a women’s unit, leading to transphobic remarks from staff and sexual assaults by other inmates, particularly African American males.

Initially seeking $22 million, NYC settled for $350,000 without admitting fault. This settlement prevents Miles from pursuing further legal action against the city regarding this case, Reduxx reported.

Miles has also filed numerous other lawsuits against NYC and Arizona businesses, alleging discrimination based on his gender identity. These lawsuits, often containing errors and male pronouns, include cases against a bagel shop, a fitness center, a hospital, and a former employer, many of which were dismissed for procedural issues.