An Oklahoma judge facing criminal charges for two drive-by shootings is now accused of sexual and professional misconduct. Brian Lovell, a 59-year-old associate judge in Garfield County, is under fire for allegedly engaging in inappropriate relationships with staff, favoring certain attorneys, and attempting to influence legal proceedings improperly.

Lovell has been indicted for two separate 2023 shootings: one at his brother-in-law’s ranch and one at a busy intersection in Austin, Texas, as Blaze News previously reported. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in either incident. He also faces a misdemeanor reckless driving charge related to the Austin incident.

The Oklahoma Council on Judicial Complaints has accused Lovell of gross neglect of duty, corruption, and gross partiality, resulting in his temporary suspension. According to the petition, Lovell had sexual relationships with two female bailiffs over 12 years. In 2011, he had an eight-month affair with one bailiff, who later resigned. In 2023, he allegedly began another relationship with a new bailiff, exchanging sexually explicit messages and engaging in intercourse at the courthouse. Lovell denied the sexual relationship but admitted to “flirtatious texting,” while the woman testified otherwise, with text messages corroborating her story, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Lovell is also accused of favoring certain attorneys, issuing biased rulings, engaging in ex parte communications, and attempting to persuade an attorney to commit perjury. His attorney, Stephen Jones, called the accusations an “ambush” and a “blind-sided attack” intended to humiliate Lovell and his family. Jones criticized the Council on Judicial Complaints, likening its actions to “star chambers of British history.”

The council filed the petition on June 27, giving Lovell 20 days to respond. He has until July 8 to address his suspension in writing. A motion hearing at the Oklahoma Supreme Court is set for July 30, with additional pretrial hearings to follow. Lovell faces a hearing regarding the Austin shooting in August.