Two parolees with extensive criminal histories have been charged with robbing and murdering a young father on the Northwest Side last month. They were initially released after their arrest as prosecutors built a case against them they were set free.

Judge Mary Marubio detained Justin Redmond, 41, while Divonte Calhoun, 32, remains hospitalized and will attend a detention hearing later this week.

Prosecutor Anne McCord Rodgers presented evidence linking the men to the crime through video footage and phone data. On May 10, around 7:05 a.m., Calhoun confronted Rodriguez as he walked to work. Following a struggle, Calhoun shot Rodriguez, who fell and was subsequently robbed while mortally wounded.

Calhoun demanded money from Rodriguez before fleeing. Redmond, driving the getaway car, picked up Calhoun shortly after the incident.

The Chrysler used in the robbery was linked to an earlier carjacking and traced back to Calhoun’s mother. Surveillance in Gurnee showed both men cleaning the car’s interior. Despite their arrest, they were initially released without charges.

Further investigation revealed phone data placing both men at the crime scene and additional surveillance footage corroborating their involvement.

Both men now face charges of first-degree murder, murder during a forcible felony, and armed robbery with a firearm.

Calhoun, paroled last September, has a history of armed robbery and multiple previous convictions. Redmond, paroled in November, has multiple felony convictions including firearms and narcotics offenses reporting by CWBChicago.