A parolee with a lengthy rap sheet has been taken into custody and charged after a Big Apple woman was found shot dead, wrapped in a sleeping bag and dumped with the trash, police sources told The Post Tuesday.

Chad Irish, 55, was charged with concealment of a human corpse, criminal possession of a weapon, and menacing after being questioned about the death of 31-year-old Yazmeen Williams. He hasn’t been charged with homicide in the case.

Parolee with Long Criminal Record Linked to NYC Homicide
The body was discovered on the sidewalk amid bags of trash.

Currently on parole for a Bronx robbery and assault, Irish has 21 prior convictions. He served three years in prison for attempting to blow up his uncle’s Bronx home in 1994 by dislodging a gas pipe and two propane tanks.

On Monday, Irish was mobbed by dozens of angry locals when police took him in for questioning. The victim’s grief-stricken mother, Nicole Williams, confronted Irish as he was taken from the Straus Houses in Kips Bay on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. One man managed to punch Irish while others screamed, “kill him.”

Parolee with Long Criminal Record Linked to NYC Homicide
Yazmeen Williams, 31, died of a shot to the head.

Yazmeen Williams’ body was discovered in a sleeping bag next to a pile of trash on East 27th Street in Manhattan late Friday. Her death was ruled a homicide after she was confirmed to have been shot in the head. Nicole Williams believes her daughter’s killer was a friend who uses a wheelchair.

Irish became a person of interest after he was allegedly seen in an electric wheelchair dragging the sleeping bag.