A suspected porch pirate in Columbus, Ohio, allegedly stole a package moments after a delivery driver set it down at a neighbor’s door. Homeowner Kyle Dorsch was shocked to see his doorbell camera footage of the incident, which left the FedEx delivery man in disbelief, as reported by 24 News.

The delivery man had just dropped off an Apple Watch Dorsch ordered when the alleged thief, wearing a hoodie, ran up behind him, grabbed the box, and fled. Dorsch recounted to WSYX his astonishment at seeing the thief run off in broad daylight before the delivery driver even left the porch.

Columbus Police Sgt. James Fuqua noted that package thefts are a widespread issue. In response, some Americans are taking action. In April, a New York City man, Carlos Mejia, staged fake parcels to catch a porch pirate. Mejia confronted the suspect, Victor Stazzone, with a baseball bat, leading to Stazzone’s arrest on charges of petit larceny, possession of stolen property, and trespass.

Similarly, in January, a public works employee in Yonkers, New York, helped catch a suspected porch pirate by knocking him to the ground as he tried to flee from police.