New audio and screenshots reveal that administrators responsible for suspending 16-year-old Christian McGhee for using the term “illegal alien” released their rationale on Monday.

The Liberty Justice Center filed a preliminary injunction Tuesday to expunge McGhee’s three-day suspension as their lawsuit continues. McGhee and his family are suing the Davidson County School Board, claiming the punishment was harsh for an innocent question.

The injunction included new evidence, such as audio of an administrator explaining the suspension was to be fair to students suspended “for saying the N-word.”

The administrator explained, “I agree that three days out of school is harsh, but it’s a line we drew in August… I didn’t want to go there…but we decided that in August. And if I don’t give him that, then I’m being unfair to the 15 other kids that have served that up until now for saying the N-word or anything else under the sun that’s racially charged that creates a disruption in the classroom.”

In April, McGhee was suspended for three days after asking a teacher whether “aliens” referred to “space aliens, or illegal aliens who need green cards.” Another student threatened McGhee, and the assistant principal deemed his comment “racially motivated,” leading to the suspension.

The administrator noted that the other student later laughed off the comment, but the punishment stood.

The injunction included screenshots of messages between school board member Ashley Carroll and community leaders where Carroll criticized Christian and his mother Leah for contesting the suspension and shared Leah’s mugshot from an old arrest.

Fox News Digital reached out to the Davidson County School Board for comment but has not received a response.

Buck Dougherty, Senior Counsel at the Liberty Justice Center, said in a press release, “The Davidson County School Board has not only invented a racial incident out of thin air but then violated a student’s rights to free speech and due process.”

Dean McGee, the attorney representing the McGhee family, told Fox News Digital, “We think the preliminary injunction will be granted which will clear our client’s record as the case proceeds.”