Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton, known for luring women to his pig farm, died Friday following a brutal prison assault nearly two weeks earlier.

Pickton, 74, succumbed to his injuries after a fellow inmate attacked him with a broken broom handle on May 19 at the maximum-security Port-Cartier Institution. A 51-year-old inmate is in custody for the assault, confirmed police spokesman Hugues Beaulieu.

The sister of one of Pickton’s victims, Cynthia Cardinal, expressed relief over his death, saying it allows her to finally move on. Cardinal, who lost her sister Georgina Papin to Pickton, said, “This is gonna bring healing for, I won’t say all families, I’ll just say most of the families.”

The motive behind the attack on Pickton remains unclear, though the assailant had previously been in solitary confinement for assaults on other inmates. The incident is under investigation to ensure all protocols were followed.

“We are mindful that this offender’s case has had a devastating impact on communities in British Columbia and across the country, including Indigenous peoples, victims, and their families. Our thoughts are with them,” the service stated.

Pickton was convicted in 2007 for killing drug addicts and prostitutes, butchering their remains at his Port Coquitlam pig farm in British Columbia. Investigators discovered partial remains of six women, with prosecutors believing he killed them during a spree in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Remains or DNA of 33 other women were found on his property, and Pickton once bragged to an undercover officer about killing 49 women. He admitted to strangling his victims and feeding their remains to pigs, prompting health officials to issue a tainted meat advisory to neighbors who might have bought pork from his farm.

Pickton faced additional charges for 20 more murders, but these were dropped after his life sentence.