As awareness of transgender athletes grows, more Americans are opposing their participation in women’s sports. The website Boys vs Women highlights performance disparities between men and women, showing that adult women often can’t outperform high school boys in sports.

The site questions the fairness of allowing boys to compete in female-only events. Recently, it analyzed polling data on the acceptance of transgender women in sports. Despite efforts to normalize this practice, public support is declining.

Polling reveals that support for trans athletes choosing their gender category has dropped from nearly 50% in 2016 to under 25% today. Opposition has surged from around 30% to over 60%. Even the undecided group has shrunk from 20% to 15%.

Excluding undecided responses, those opposing trans athletes have grown from 40% in 2016 to 75% now. Over the years, the acceptance of trans athletes has significantly diminished.

Despite schools, leagues, and even the Olympics enforcing rules to include trans athletes, this push hasn’t swayed public opinion. Instead, it has solidified opposition against transgender athletes in women’s sports.