A group of nurses in the UK, who filed a lawsuit against a National Health Service hospital trust over its transgender employee policy, are speaking out to demand NHS protection for female staff.

Darlington Memorial nurse Lisa Lockey told Fox News Digital that they went public to gain government attention. “It’s been ongoing for a long time. We’ve been ignored,” she said. The nurses, who shared their story anonymously in May, allege harassment by a biological male colleague who often undresses in the female changing room and initiates inappropriate conversations.

The suit claims County Durham and Darlington Memorial Hospital Trust allows employees to use facilities that align with their gender identity, leading to several uncomfortable encounters. One nurse, a sexual assault survivor, recounted a traumatic incident where the transgender colleague asked her to undress while only wearing boxer shorts.

UK Nurses Fight Back Against NHS Transgender Policy
A group of UK nurses are suing an NHS Trust, alleging that the hospital has ignored their complaints about a biological male harassing female staff in the changing room.

Lockey mentioned that a Muslim colleague was terrified when the same colleague entered the changing area while she was half-dressed. The trans worker, who wears men’s clothes and has facial hair, allegedly discussed trying to get a female girlfriend pregnant.

Last year, over two dozen female nurses signed a letter to management expressing discomfort, but the head of HR lectured them on being more “inclusive.” Darlington Memorial nurse Bethany Hutchison called HR’s reaction “absolutely insulting.” She said female colleagues now find alternative places to change, required at least once per shift, due to fear and threats of disciplinary action.

The eight nurses claim the hospital prioritizes the transgender employee over female staff and are suing the NHS trust for sexual harassment and sex discrimination. Since going public, Lockey and Hutchison have received overwhelming support, including a post from “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling on her X account.

Author JK Rowling
“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling was a notable figure who shared the nurses’ story on her social media.

“We’re thrilled,” Lockey said, showing a stack of supportive cards. The nurses emphasized their desire for female-only spaces, not to attack trans people. “Ultimately, we want the policy changed. It’s about policy change and safety,” Hutchison added.

The County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust stated they are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment and are investigating the claims.