The United Methodist Church (UMC) lost over a million members last week when the United Methodist Church of Ivory Coast (EMUCI) voted to leave due to the UMC’s acceptance of LGBT clergy and marriages.

On May 28, EMUCI renounced its UMC membership, citing “reasons of conscience before God and His word,” according to La Croix International. EMUCI accused the UMC of deviating from the Holy Scriptures and prioritizing the LGBTQ community over biblical principles.

The Ivorian conference, one of the largest groups in the denomination, had more than a million members as reported by the UMC. Their departure follows the UMC’s vote in May to repeal the ban on LGBT clergy and marriages, leading to a mass exodus of congregations worldwide.

The decision to lift the LGBT bans was passed 692-51 at the UMC’s general conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, NPR reported. EMUCI’s president, Bishop Benjamin Boni, criticized the UMC for resting on socio-cultural values over doctrinal and disciplinary integrity.

Over 4,000 congregations left the UMC in the first half of 2023 due to its embrace of LGBTQ+ ideology, Breitbart Newsreported.

The Korean Methodist Church, with about 1.5 million members, is also considering leaving. A coalition of Korean Methodists stated, “Homosexuality cannot be accepted until the Lord returns. This is not an emotional issue but a matter of unchangeable truth. Homosexuality is clearly a sin.”