A Chinese migrant, Junnan Ge, wanted for murder in Los Angeles, was arrested after crossing the border and surrendering to authorities, expecting release into the US, Homeland Security sources report.

Ge, 37, was detained in San Diego on June 14 with a large group of migrants. During background checks, agents discovered his 2004 warrant for allegedly killing someone in Los Angeles. He had also crossed the border in 2011 after the alleged murder, but it’s unclear if he was released into the US or deported.

Border agents admitted their vetting procedures are not exhaustive, often releasing dangerous individuals unknowingly. However, since October 2023, they’ve caught 587 illegal migrants with warrants and over 10,000 convicted criminals.

US Border Lapses: Chinese Murder Fugitive Re-Enters, Finally Caught
Border Patrol agents line up dozens of migrants against the border wall in San Diego, now a hotspot for illegal crossings.

Chinese migrants have entered the US illegally in record numbers, with over 30,000 crossings since last October, surpassing the 24,000 from the previous fiscal year. In 2021, only 342 Chinese migrants crossed.

Most Chinese migrants are entering through San Diego, prompting the Biden administration to implement a policy on June 5 that restricts asylum access until daily crossings drop to 1,500 for seven days. However, migrants from over 100 eastern hemisphere countries, including China, are largely exempt and are being released into the US with future court dates, per a leaked memo.

US Border Lapses: Chinese Murder Fugitive Re-Enters, Finally Caught
Migrants seeking asylum wait for a border agent to transport them for processing after crossing into San Diego.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) did not immediately respond to requests for comment.