Colin Bailey, a 28-year-old transgender from Utah who identifies as ‘Mia’ Bailey, allegedly confessed to killing his parents and admitted he would “do it again” after being arrested. The arrest followed an extensive manhunt, according to an affidavit.
Shelter in place lifted for St. George neighborhood after homicide suspect seen in area
Colin Bailey, who now identifies as ‘Mia’ Bailey, was arrested on Wednesday

Bailey was apprehended near the Mormon temple in St. George, hours after his parents, Joseph Bailey, 70, and Gail Bailey, 69, were found dead in their home. In custody, Bailey reportedly confessed to planning to kill his parents and his brother. He expressed his hatred for his family, as per KSLTV.

Bailey allegedly shot at his brother through a locked door, but he escaped and called 911. Responders found the parents dead with multiple spent shell casings from a handgun. Bailey also reportedly bragged about evading police for several hours after fleeing the scene in a yellow Kia Soul.

Bailey faces three counts of aggravated murder, one count of aggravated burglary, and seven counts of felony discharge of a firearm. Police identified him as the primary suspect after gunfire broke out at the family’s home in Washington, Utah. Locals were warned to stay alert as he was considered armed and dangerous. He was finally cornered by SWAT teams in St. George, where he surrendered.

Neighbors indicated tensions between Bailey and his parents, partly due to his gender transition. Despite this, police have not commented on a motive for the killings as of Thursday afternoon.