A women’s sportswear company supported by former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines has been permanently banned from TikTok for defending women’s sports.

Jennifer Sey, founder of XX-XY Athletics and former Levi Strauss & Co. President, announced on X, formerly known as Twitter, that TikTok had banned her company. She shared, “When you run an ad standing up for women and girls’ sports, you get banned for life from @tiktok_us. Here’s the ad. Offensive, right?”

The ad’s voiceover urges viewers to stand up for women’s sports, advocating for equal opportunities and fairness. It asserts that it’s not safe or fair for males to compete in girls’ sports and encourages women to fight for their rights without fear of being labeled bigots.

Sey also posted TikTok’s notice of the ban, which cited “offensive content” as the reason. In another post, she urged followers to “Speak up. Stand up. Vote with your dollars. Don’t buy brands that don’t know what a woman is. Truth is counting on you.”